Pare? Ah, bitter!

Surely everyone imagine the typical bitter taste of this vegetables. Pare or in dictionary referred to as bitter melon is indeed a plant that produces a distinctive bitter taste comes … Continue reading

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Dangers of turn on the lamp

Hello guys today we are going to discuss about effect of lamp when we slept. Some people need to sleep after doing activity that drain energy us a whole day. … Continue reading

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how to make beras kencur original from Indonesia

How to make saffron-colored rice (beras kencur) beras kencur is original drink recipes heritage from Indonesia that make it easiest at home. Usually it’s often met in herb seller around … Continue reading

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Benefits of Papaya and Papaya Nutrition

Papaya has latin name carica papaya and this fruit is caricaceae family group. This papaya tree comes from mexico and usually this is plant in grounds or garden. The largest … Continue reading

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Beauty makeup tips using banana peel

One glass of banana fruit every day makes us be more health,this is also about body care. If we are doubtful effect of using chemical ingredient on skin better you … Continue reading

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instant noodle health is dangers for our body !!!

Instant noodles is one of food that is popular and is often consumed by a boy or girl to wedge stomach. Instant noodles is easiest to be brought dan fast … Continue reading

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The important of Benefit and nutrition Noni(Mengkudu) is needed by our body.

  Noni (Mengkudu) is fruit, it can be found in Indonesia, many people are think that Noni(mengkudu) has bad appearance and the smell not savory. Nevertheless, this Mengkudu evidently has … Continue reading

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